The Corset Barcelona. 3-4 june 2017 (by Ido Portal) | La Huella Crossfit Barcelona
The Corset Barcelona. 3-4 june 2017 (by Ido Portal)

The Corset Barcelona. 3-4 june 2017

La Huella CrossFit Barcelona is proud to announce the second workshop by Ido Portal in Barcelona.

The Corset workshop offers a modern/ancient approach to preparing, rehabbing, pre-habing, mobilizing, stabilizing and strengthening the body for the rigors of movement, a unique approach developed by Ido Portal from his extensive research into human movement.

The Corset is a collection of exercises, routines and protocols for every major joint in the human body. Some of the unique movements practiced in the Corset were collected and assembled by Ido from Traditional Martial Arts, Artistic Gymnastics, physiotherapy, the science of strength and conditioning, dance and more.

The intention is to prepare for misalignment and not only concentrate on proper and optimal alignment – a very realistic approach to a world in which the unknown plays a big factor.

Some of the areas that the corset covers are:
Pelvis and hips
Upper Leg
Fingers and toes

If you are experiencing problems in enhancing mobility – that is another subject that will be covered extensively in the workshop using such methods as Ido’s Loaded Progressive Stretching (LPS), Low Gate Positions (LGP), various result proven protocols like:

The Shoulder Protocol – opening up the shoulders while bulletproofing them
The Uni Lateral Hip Routine for increasing overall ROM around the hip.
Tight hamstrings? Wait until you try this… The Bi Lateral Hip Routine

All events are led by the Ido Portal team. Ido’s presence cannot be guaranteed by any occasion.

2 days X 10:00AM-18:00 (lunch break in the middle)
* Make sure to clear your schedule in this weekend and not book any flights back, important dinners or other obligations as on both days the event might run later than expected – The team is not working ‘by the clock’ and attempts to share as much knowledge as possible with the participants during the event.

The price of the event is 675 USD (please be aware of extra costs that your bank might charge when making the transfer, we need to receive 675 USD exactly). SOLD OUT. PLEASE EMAIL THEBAMBOOBODY@HOTMAIL.COM TO BE ADDED TO THE WAITING LIST

We recommend packing your own food for lunch as at certain locations getting food might be a problem.

Please make sure to bring with you: a roll of athletic tape, water bottle, watch/timer/stopper watch, notebook & pen and loose fitting clothes suitable for movement.

Please don’t make a tight schedule before and after the event – Flights, important meetings etc. Event may continue beyond schedule time.

‘Attendance conditional upon signing of an NDA. No refunds will be provided – Take note.’

Travel Information:
Barcelona is a great place to travel, in June the weather is just perfect and we have amazing beaches and mountains within the reach of public transport. You can get to Barcelona by taking a flight to El Prat airport (BCN), it is very well connected with all the Europe and the rest of the world. The best company to travel here is Vueling or Iberia. The facility is very well located in the central part of the city and is easy to get by public transport or by car. The nearest metro stop is Hospital Clinic. There are a lot of hotels and hostels around for reasonable prices, or you can also use service to rent a room or apartment to stay. Barcelona is a great holiday destination and has a lot of sights to visit so you can perfectly combine attending to the event with your vacation.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email: